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2000 - Lynn English High School Gay Straight Alliance

Lynn English High School, 50 Goodridge St, Lynn, MA

“In reality, our club had like 4 people or so. On the day of the yearbook photo I said, "If you support the GSA and me get in the pic." This was the result. I also believe this is the first GSA photo in LEHS history. This photo is important to me as it reflects a moment in time where being openly gay/queer was not as common as it is today, yet I still remember feeling very loved and supported in this moment. I was proud to have my classmates there showing their support as well.” -Denae Ramor-Pachucki

Pictured: GSA and friends

Location: Lynn English High School, 50 Goodridge St, Lynn, MA

Source: Denae Ramos-Pachucki

Date: 2000

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