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The early years of struggling with an LGBTQ+ identity can be isolating. Role models and LGBTQ+ youth organizations can help young people navigate growing up.

The first High School Gay Straight Alliance was founded at Lynn English in 2000.

Lynn’s first LGBTQ+ youth group was Be You, which was run by St Stephen’s Episcopal Church. They attended Boston Youth Pride in May of 2015.

Lynn resident Coco Alinsug helped found NAGLY, North Shore Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth, and served as its first Executive Director. NAGLY opened a Lynn office at the Demakes Family YMCA in 2022.

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I want you to get in the picture.

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You were loved and cared for exactly for who you are.

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I could not wait to go to bars when I was younger.

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Kids should bounce around and feel what's comfortable.

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You can be your whole self.

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Youth homelessness, especially queer youth.

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Youth Pride in Boston.

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