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Drag performers entertained patrons at Lynn bars for decades. Popular performers included Tisha Sterling, Ronnie Evans, Melinda Wilson, Steve Andrade as CHER, Paris, Holywood, Blanche Debris, Diamond Dunhill, Karisma, Amanda Stevens, Felica, Ariel, Veronica, Lakia Mondale, Bambi, Jenna Rosity, and Miss Robbie.

The birth of the gay rights movement is often traced to drag queens who fought back against oppressive police at Compton’s Cafeteria and the Stonewall Inn.

For several years, Fran’s Place held a fundraising benefit with a drag review called Night of a Hundred Stars.

Bar patrons sometimes dressed in drag for a fun night out.

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Night of a Hundred Stars

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Fran's was a fun place.

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Drag queens at Dominic's.

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Cross dressing.

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Drag being outlawed totally.

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