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1860 - Women play crucial role in Lynn shoemakers' strike

Lynn, MA

Women played a crucial role in the strike, including the leading of a 6,000 person process through a late winter blizzard in Lynn on March 8 with signs reading "American Ladies Will Not Be Slaves: Give Us a Fair Compensation and We Will Labour Cheerfully".

Lynn was a major center for the manufacture of shoes. Labor unrest in that industry had been growing for many reasons—increased mechanization, market glut, the economic crisis of 1857—all of which resulted in record low wages.

Workers took to the streets on George Washington’s birthday, 22 February 1860, and the strike lasted for several weeks.

The empowerment of women laid the ground work for women's rights, civil rights, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Pictured: New article

Location: Lynn, MA

Source: Boston Evening Tribune, page 2

Date: 1860-02-22

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