About Us


United Lynn Pride is organized by a small group of dedicated community members, artists, advocates, allies, leaders, and organizations. We strive to bring visibility to the greater Lynn LGBTQIA+ community by fostering inclusion, education, raising awareness, and honoring our diverse history and culture.

Lynn Pride, is a welcoming week of events to be held June 20-24, 2022, and curated to provide an environment we can celebrate and learn in. We are proud to continue and build on past Lynn Pride celebrations, and are mindful that there is still much work to do in the movement for justice and equity.

We thank you for being a part of this 2022 week launch of events. Know that we're working hard to bring queer joy to our small, humble city. And we thank you for sharing and being a part of this vision and most necessary work.

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For 15-18 yrs, the only places you could celebrate pride were at our four active gay bars in Lynn - Joseph’s, 47 Central, Club Central, Fran’s Place. The participation of Pride in Lynn formally started in 2010 after brief conversations between Kirsten Freni of NAGLY,  Robert 'Tish' Muise, former General Manager and the longest serving employee of Fran's Place, married couple Coco Alinsug and Peter Cipriano, and Mayor Judith Kennedy.

They started by gathering about 10 people to raise a flag in the middle island directly across the street from Lynn City Hall - not the traditional flag pole where all the countries raise their flags. When they didn't receive complaints, they kept up with the tradition. With Mayor Tom McGee's support, the ceremony continued to grow and moved to the main flagpole.

Although the Flag Raising Ceremony went virtual for 2020 during the pandemic, 2021 came back in full steam when a few organizations in the city decided to lead a few more events during the week, including the Beyond Walls Bridge Lighting, an LGBTQ panel night and gallery showcase at Lynn Museum with Queer Lynn Scene, and a NAGLY flag discussion.

Entering into 2022, the idea of bridging communications between presenting organizations began for a week of Pride events in Lynn, and the United Lynn Pride committee was formed. We've got a jam-packed crew of presenting organizations collaborating hard behind the scenes.

With your help, we hope to make this a hugely successful week of events so we can keep it going for years to come.

In solidarity,

Your United Lynn Pride team


A Note from our Designer, Katherine Herbst-Rubio

The logo for United Lynn Pride and was created during a committee meeting. It was meant to reflect the diverse, welcoming and supportive community that had come together, as well as the love I have felt from LGBTQ+ communities. Thanks to Jim Moser and Faustina Cuevas, we were able to include the word for "pride" in some of the most commonly used languages of Lynn, MA! This includes English, Spanish, Khmer, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Arabic, and Bengali and were created in the form of an all encompassing circle around the main logo, furthering the idea of togetherness and connection. The center logo is hand-drawn with help from my partner! Depicted is an embrace between two people of different races, a heart with the newly added colors of the LGBTQ+ flag (white, blue and pink representing the trans community, and black and brown representing people of color/ diversity/ inclusivity), the word UNITED curved to give the notion of a rainbow and filled in with the other colors of the LGBTQ+ flag (red for Life/HIV & AIDS Awareness, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony, purple for spirit), and last the words LYNN PRIDE to represent the powerful love found in the beloved city of Lynn. 

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